Cure for Cellulite? How Topical Treatments are Key in Curing this Stubborn Condition

cure for cellulite
Cellulite is indeed a cringe-worthy word to thousands - no wait, millions - of women worldwide. The idea that the spongy, crater-like marks can tragically mar even the thinnest of thighs and tiniest and tightest of rear ends really boggles our minds. Women, and even some men, have searched high and low for an absolute cure for cellulite, even going so far as to pay thousands of dollars for treatments such as endermology which do not permanently cure cellulite, but rather smooth it out temporarily.

Or they spend hundreds of dollars on high end department store cellulite products only to find extremely temporary results oriented products which tighten and tone cellulite prone areas only for as long as they stay on the skin, or for as long as their active ingredients remain potent and effective, which many times can fade within hours.

The More Permanent Cellulite Solution - a Cure that Goes a Long Way in Effectively Treating Cellulite
In response to a more permanent cellulite cure, I propose you attack cellulite both externally with some of the most advanced cellulite creams ever. After a period of a few months of usage of a high quality cellulite cream, you will notice some very impressive results in the improvement to your cellulite prone areas with repeat treatments.
Vigorous massage really helps to deliver the lotions ingredients transdermally (through the skin), much deeper, and allows them to really penetrate and go to work beneath the epidermis, and helps to re-tone and tighten the collagen
beneath the epidermis which has become damaged and weakened over time, which is the precise cause of cellulite, and exactly how you must target it to heal and cure the underlying causes.
Tips for Curing Cellulite Naturally - Changes You Can Make
There are some little changes you can make that can help make a difference in your quest for a victory over your cellulite. These tips are just small adjustments in your lifestyle that will help to cure the underlying causes of cellulite. These are not in any way a replacement for use of an external lotion or cream, which has undeniable benefits for cellulite elimination, but rather a supplemental guide to help you achieve the most dramatic results in your battle against cellulite.
Cellulite Defeating TIPS:
- Avoid "bubbly" drinks that are carbonated. There is not any conclusive evidence that these beverages actually cause cellulite, but there has been conjecture that it may add to the appearance of cellulite. You don't have to completely remove them from your diet, just watch your intake. And drink plenty of water to flush out those naughty toxins, which can add to your cellulite problem areas.
- Do not consume foods high in fat and low in fiber consistently. This type of diet will put you on the fast track to a cure for cellulite nightmare.
- Drink green tea. Green tea, especially the organic variety, is an excellent source of antioxidant compounds which, when consumed, can really help to eliminate toxins and fight the free radicals which partially contribute to your cellulite problem. Not only that, green tea is an excellent remedy for poor circulation, as it really gets the circulation revved up for the few hours after it is consumed.
Poor circulation locally is also another major contributing factor to cellulite, and is a HUGE part of the cure. This is exactly why external circulation stimulating products works so well. The good ones trigger a response that really gets the circulation going, which breaks up the puckered bands of collagen below the surface which cause the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.
- Vigorously massage your thighs, buttocks and belly with the cellulite treatment of your choice. This stimulates the circulation. Without massage, and likewise, regular exercise instead of the pursuit of couch potato lifestyles, will help you immensely in curing your cellulite trouble areas. Overall bodily circulation, or the increase of circulation does two things: Increased circulation in turn increases your body temperature. Higher body temperatures do not provide a perfect growing spot for cellulite, because of thermogenesis,
which is fat burning.
Cellulite is pockets of fat, puckered up. Decrease your body fat, and you in turn decrease cure for cellulite. The second reason is that it has been scientifically proven that poor circulation is many times the cause of cellulite for many women, and for that matter, men as well. Increase your circulation and you also have attacked part of the problem. This is done by moving around and staying away from a sedentary lifestyle, as well as
using a circulation-stimulating product externally.
So, you see, curing the appearance of cellulite CAN be done. And it can be done without spending thousands of dollars like Hollywood actresses do to get there svelte, cure for cellulite free bottoms and thighs. Best of all, it can be done in the comfort of your own home, and the level of success you achieve in
eliminating your cellulite is completely in your hands!

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