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Cellulite can be cause of lot of embarrassment, especially since it is a well known belief that fat people get reduce cellulite. There are millions of people who go through the cellulite problem. What is cellulite is what you must be wondering? Cellulite, though not a medical term, is caused by fat cells growing large in size because they contain toxic waste that your body could not dispose off, fat and water.

Unlike other types of fat cellulite is visible on skin and the skin starts looking ugly and lumpy where cellulite is formed. The process of cellulite forming is that the fibrous tissue connects the skin layer with deeper layers of tissue, this process also creates separate compartments, after the fat cells grow, it shows on skin, it starts looking lumpy and the skin pores enlarged.

It is obvious that with this skin you cannot wear bikini on the beach or a low waist jeans, for the fear of cellulite showing. Cellulite can be embarrassing in intimate relationships too.
There are several myths surrounding cellulite.
These are:-
Cellulite is the problem of only fat women: This is an entirely wrong notion. You will be surprised to find that some fit and slim women have cellulite too.
Cellulite is caused due to excess of water and fat in the body: This is half truth, yes cellulite is caused due to fat, you will also find water in cellulite, but another thing you will find in cellulite is the toxins. Cellulite forms when your body is unable to flush all the toxins in your body out. The toxins are collected and with fat and water they form cellulite.
Exercising will reduce cellulite: Exercising is a must; it will keep you healthy, fit and in good shape, so please do not stop exercising even if you find out that exercising will not remove cellulite altogether, although it will help since your blood circulation will be better.
Cellulite contains fat and water, so reduce both: It is correct that cellulite contains fat and water, reducing fat is a good idea. But reducing fat and water to remove cellulite is a wrong concept. Fat is connected with cellulite, therefore fat does cause cellulite but it is not the only cause, otherwise thin women would not have cellulite.
Dehydration is a way to reduce cellulite: Wrong again, cellulite will not go by dehydrating the area where you have cellulite, cellulite is not a problem to be solved with remedies which are neither proven nor have been effective. Dehydrating yourself or the area of cellulite might cause damage to your system and skin. Dehydrating yourself will cause your toxin levels to increase and create more cellulite.
Cellulite requires be dealt with a lot of patience; you require knowing a lot more about cellulite than keeping trust in myths like given above. Once you know everything about cellulite, you can either consult a doctor or devise a plan to if not remove, at least to reduce cellulite to a lot of extent. You can win over cellulite, all you require is determination.

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